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Types of investigations

Ultra-performance technology to learn everything you need to know

At the Ponderas Imaging Center you benefit from the latest equipment for detailed and fast results for a wide range of investigations and diagnosis:

  • Tomography (CT)
  • iDXA
  • Radiology
  • Mammography

The Imaging Center is suitable  for both normal weight patients and patients with obesity, and is equipped with properly sized investigation tables, supporting a weight of up to 300kg and a large diameter.


The Ponderas Imaging Center has the tomography computer with the largest diameter in the country.

Equipment:  OPTIMA CT 580W

  • is the only tomography computer in the country with a 80 cm diameter that allows examining patients weighing up to 295 kg;
  • uses a very low radiation dose for the patient while maintaining the smoothness and quality of the image;
  • is recommended for minimally invasive surgery procedures: biopsies, collections drainage;
  • allows rapid change from a 2D image to a 3D reconstruction, the image being almost real with highlighted selectively anatomical structures;
  • allows entero and irigo CT investigations
  • provides an improved analysis of vascular pathology helping with the visualization of vascular structures.


Provides detailed information about body composition using the lowest radiation dose.

  • DEXA determines the percentage and quantity of body composition and its distribution in the body (fat mass, muscular mass and water retention);
  • provides standard examinations for bone density – antero-posterior spine, femur, dual femur, forearm, total body, body composition, advanced joint analysis;
  • Analysis of fracture risk for a period of 10 years or femoral bone strength index;
  • monitors the nutritional status, weight loss programs and the development of appropriate therapeutic indications.

Equipment: Osteodensitomentry iDXA

  • allows examination of patients weighting up to 195 kg;
  • Short scan time: 5-7 minutes;
  • High resolution images.


It is the ideal technology for both standard radiology procedures and interventional procedures.

Equipment: RX Machine Philips Omni Diagnost


This highly advanced equipment is suitable for screening, diagnosis and biopsy procedures.

Equipment:  Analog mammography system Mammomat Siemens 3000 Nova

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