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Ponderas is today one of the most ambitious medical projects and modern private hospitals in both Romania and Eastern Europe. Ponderas is the only hospital specialized in metabolic and bariatric surgery. With a capacity of 141 beds, 8 Operating rooms and over 25 examination rooms for all ambulatory medical specialties. Equipped with high technology that helps us diagnose our patient (MRI, CT, ultrasound and RX), eight operating rooms fully equipped with 2D and 3D laparoscopic surgery equipment, video- assisted anesthesia, two endoscopy/colonoscopies rooms. We also have a training center that has live audio and video transmission, for 3D surgeries, broadcasted from the OR to the classrooms.

We are a team of ambitious doctors, passionate about medicine and people, with the greatest experience in modern surgery. The quality of our medical performance is always a priority for us.  We have invested in our hospital with the scope of creating the highest standards of quality in modern medicine.

At Ponderas, laparoscopic surgery is used in more than 98% of the cases that require surgery due to its benefits towards the patients. Our medical team has the most experience in laparoscopic surgery in Romania, with over 20,000 patients treated successfully.

Currently, Ponderas is the only Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery with a double accreditation from Eastern Europe – European and American .

We are committed to the daily treatment and fast recovery of our patients.  This is why we offer the most efficient treatment solutions and we permanently invest in our medical staff and the most modern technology.

In numbers:

  • 25 examination rooms for all ambulatory medical specialties
  • 141 beds in luxury recovery rooms at the Ponderas Hospital;
  • 100 specialists committed to the daily care and treatment of our patients;
  • 20.000 patients operated by our medical team
  • 6.500 patients operated for obesity and metabolic diseases
  • 2000 Romanian and foreign physicians trained in Ponderas Training Center


Experts in laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is now considered the future of modern medicine due to the multiple benefits to the patient. These modern surgical interventions demand well trained doctors; Ponderas Hospital has renowned doctors, with the greatest experience in laparoscopic surgery, with over 20,000 patients operated successfully. The benefits of such interventions are not only medical, but also psychological and esthetic; limited post-operative pain, hastened healing, reduced period of convalescence, faster return to the daily activities, and healing nearly without scars.

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