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As a certified Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, we are fully equipped for metabolic and obese patient: spacious recovery rooms with large bathrooms, wide access paths, operating tables for heavy weights, investigation devices appropriately dimensioned ( CT, ultrasound with special probes), and medical equipment adapted to the needs of obese patients. Each OR is equipped with high-performance equipment necessary for general or metabolic laparoscopic surgery.

Surgical innovations at the Ponderas Hospital:

  • 3D laparoscopic surgery – greatly enhances the precision of general surgery.
  • Laser Thulium Technology – used in prostate adenoma. With the help of this equipment the patient recovers faster and does not need general anesthesia.
  • SILS laparoscopic procedures – requires only a very small incision and does not leave scars.  Moreover, the post-operative pain is minimal and recovery is faster.
  • NOTES laparoscopic procedures – interventions that use the natural orifices of the human body.

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