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The expertise and medical techniques acquired by the Ponderas Hospital surgeons allowed us to develop a laparoscopic surgery training center.  Here, our specialists train and form surgeons from Romania and abroad. So far, more than 2000 surgeons were trained in the Ponderas training center.

Our center provides an ideal environment for the intensive specialized training for all surgeons.  The center is equipped with all necessary instruments for laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic interventions, anesthesia and also open surgery based on the swine model (anesthetized pigs).

Every month the classes take place in the training center’s surgery room, a dedicated space with six fully equipped surgery stations, the duration of a course being 3 days.

Benefits to participating doctors:

  • Obtain a graduation certificate, certified by the Romanian College of Doctors
  • Romanian doctors have the opportunity to practice and specialize in laparoscopic surgery, in modern conditions under international standards
  • Guidance and medical supervision offered by a specialized medical team
  • possibility for trainees to perform surgery on living pigs


The schedule for the classes is:

  • detalii Day 1- specialized seminar

    Presentation of surgery techniques, case presentations, specialized equipment, knowledge assessment test in laparoscopic surgery and medical techniques held by university professors and doctors specialized in laparoscopic surgery.
  • detalii Day 2 – practical course

    Practical course in which the participants perform surgery on live pigs
  • detalii Day 3 – continuation of the seminar and the final assessment test

    Continuation of the seminar from the first day of the course and final assessment test for obtaining the graduations certificates.

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